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Once you are happy to go ahead we would just need the exact location of the shoot; ideally postcode or Lat Long coordinates, along with details of any restrictions you are aware of.


Stage 1: Site Survey

We can then do an initial online site survey to see if the shoot is possible and if there are any other factors, flight restrictions or permissions that need to be considered. We may need to conduct an onsite survey depending on level of complexity or local restrictions.


Stage 2: Booking the photography shoot

As soon as all the survey has been completed and any restrictions or requirements assessed, we will be able to book in a mutually agreeable date. 


Stage 3: Weather

Once a shoot date has been agreed, that’s it until we get close to the booking. The British weather being what it is, we do monitor the forecast in advance of any photography project.  

We cannot operate our drones in rain or high winds, so if the signs are not good we will contact you just prior to the scheduled shoot and discuss options or propose a rescheduled date.

That’s it, as soon as the onsite shoot is complete and we are happy that the desired shots have been captured, its back to the desktop to put any finishing touches to the photography, or start the video editing process depending on the project requirements. 


We understand time is of the essence, so we will do our best to deliver the finished article in advance of any pre-discussed deadlines.

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