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Photographic & Video Solutions

With our state-of-the-art equipment and creative eye, we will help you produce amazing results to capture your audience’s attention and drive response. We are skilled in many areas across all sectors of business so why not give us a call to find out how Hummingbird Drone Services can give you a new perspective! 

Take a look at just some of the areas where we can help deliver creative photographic and video solutions:

Front elevation mid level 02.jpeg

One of the main attractions of a larger house is often the size or attractive nature of the property and surrounding landscape. Where previously a challenge to capture these visuals with a ground based camera, we can now deliver stunning imagery that catches the eye of website viewers. The end result being the creation of an emotional response to generate viewings and ultimately drive sales.

Walk-through property videos are a great way of highlighting key features and most importantly help sell the dream. Focusing on the very best features, we can capture all the details and show the full potential of a property or development with a professional and creative video.

Master Front elevation lake view 2.jpeg
DJI_0564_Garden Elevation.jpeg

Engaging images of property and landscape can not only help promote your venue, but also most importantly encourage customer bookings. 

Stills and Video content are a key component to any digital marketing strategy. Whatever you’re looking to promote; a golf course, a Hotel or Event Venue, a short video can give you the edge and most importantly the chance to show off your services in an engaging way. 

Golf Course Aerial Shot

Working alongside your traditional photographer, we can capture your special day from a different perspective. Our Drone camera can ensure you have some truly unique pictures, to keep for a life time of memories.


Drone technology now enables us to conduct roof inspections safely and cost effectively.

We can provide live video feed from the drone, allowing us to view and change camera angles in real-time to meet your needs. Capture crucial evidence for damage assessment/survey without traditional expense and safety concerns.

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